Sharknado​!​/​Song From A Room

by Rachel Glassberg

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Jumpideus This is amazing, thank you for giving the world this :) Favorite track: Song From A Room.
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released July 7, 2015

all instruments played/recorded by Rachel Glassberg
except sax on Sharknado! by Linnea Mårtensson



all rights reserved


Rachel Glassberg Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Sharknado!
Like a tornado
A tornado made of sharks
Like a tsunami
Filled with electric eels

Like an avalanche
An avalanche of bears
Like a volcano
Of flesh-eating microbacteria

Things might suck right now
But you can rest assured
Someday they're gonna suck a whole lot more
You're never safe
At sea or on dry land
Sharknado will get you in the end

You've got pneumonia
As a side effect of cancer
And your dog got run over
Because your dad was driving drunk
All your money was stolen
By your fiancee who's leaving you
And your company fired you
Because no one buys shark repellent spray anymore
Can't say you didn't warn them

(chorus, instrumental, etc)

I turn my phone off
When my mother calls at 3am
When I read the paper
I always start in back
I lock the windows
To my fourth-floor apartment
And I never leave home
Without clearing my internet history
Track Name: Song From A Room
(capo 2nd fret)

Hi I'm Johnny and I loved my life
With my best friend Mark and my future wife
I bought her flowers from the flower store
They said I'm their favorite customer (Hi doggie)
We got wasted on vodka and scotch
And made love while the neighbor Denny watched
I gave her a red dress, I gave her my heart
C_____________Em__ D___G _ C _ G
What'd she do but tear me apart

You're tearing me apart, Lisa
You're tearing me apart, whoa yeah
You're my future wife and I'd give my life to please ya

Oh, Lisa

instrumental break: G_ C G C G D_ (x2)

Up on the roof I said, Oh, hi, Mark
Don't know why I've been feeling so in the dark
Let's throw the football and have a chat
Denny's selling drugs, but don't worry about that
I didn't hit her, it's just not true
But then I'm not an expert on women, like you
Sometimes they're stupid, sometimes they're smart
Most of the time they tear you apart

She's tearing me apart, Lisa
She's tearing me apart, whoa yeah
You're my best friend, Mark, tell me where you are
When I need ya
Oh, Lisa!

I know more than you think I know
Put a tape recorder under the phone
(Why, Lisa, why?)
And I heard all of the things you said
_______________________________ A7
What happened on the stairs and in my bed
You'll both be sorry when I'm dead
You'll all be sorry when I'm dead

Anyway, how's your sex life?

OK, all right, you got me
My name isn't Johnny, it's actually Tommy
I'm just a sensitive man with a story to tell
Made it into a film, thought it went pretty well (It's called The Room)
It wasn't easy, it wasn't fun
And I lost a lot of friends before it was done
But when I showed the world my work of art
What'd they do but tear me apart

They're tearing me apart, Lisa
Tearing me apart, whoa yeah
You know you bare your soul, and this is how they treat ya
They're tearing me apart, Lisa
They're tearing me apart, whoa yeah
You're my future wife and I'd give my life to please ya
Oh, Lisa!

(instrumental break)

Lisa's mother has cancer